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Simplifying your space: A Minimalist Guide to decluttering.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Hey Bestie!

Minimalism is really about focusing on the things that matter most.

Usually, when you focus on the things that bring you happiness, it leaves little room for clutter. When I feel a little overwhelmed, I clean and declutter first. It gives me some control over what I can control in the meantime and brings me a space I can feel comfortable grounding myself in.

The Emotions Unveiled by Decluttering:

Liberation: There's an undeniable sense of freedom when you bid adieu to unnecessary stuff. It is like letting go of a relationship you knew was not serving you but was too difficult to rid yourself of. But when you finally part ways, you feel an instant relief of weight lifted from your back and shoulders. 

Lightness of Being: Imagine a hot air balloon finally taking flight after being anchored. That's the feeling of lightness that comes with decluttering. Your spirit feels unburdened, allowing you to feel relaxed in your space. 

Empowerment: Taking control of your space is taking control of your life. Decluttering empowers you to make intentional choices, curate a living environment that reflects your values, and own your narrative.

Peaceful Mind: Cluttered space, cluttered mind – it's a real thing. As you declutter, notice how the chaos in your mind settles. A profound peace comes with a tidy space, creating room for clarity and focus.

The Connection Between Physical and Mental Clutter:

Mirror of the Mind: Your physical space is a mirror reflecting your mental state. When you declutter your surroundings, you're also decluttering your mind. It's like giving your thoughts a clear runway to take off.

Healthy Habits Need Space: Have you ever tried adopting a new habit but felt stuck? Sometimes, it's not about the habit itself but the environment in which it's trying to flourish. Decluttering creates space for positive habits to grow and thrive.

Emotional Release: Letting go of physical items can be an emotional journey. It's a tangible way to release attachments, memories, and energies that no longer serve you. Don't be surprised if you feel emotionally lighter, too.

Decluttering as a Form of Self-Care:

  1. Mind-Body Connection: The mind and body are intricately connected. When your physical space is clutter-free, it positively impacts your mental and emotional well-being. It's a holistic approach to self-care.

  2. A Sanctuary for You: Your space should be a sanctuary, a haven where you can unwind and recharge. Decluttering transforms your home into a nurturing space, fostering a sense of well-being every time you walk through the door.

  3. A Tangible Act of Self-Love: Decluttering is an act of love towards yourself. It's saying, "I deserve a space that uplifts me." As you declutter, you affirm your worth and prioritize your happiness.

Tips for the Decluttering Queen in You:

  1. Start Small, Dream Big: Tackling your entire living space at once can be overwhelming. Begin with a single area – maybe your closet or that notorious junk drawer. Small victories lead to big wins! Push yourself to clean one section at a time. I have a massive issue with this. I go from cleaning my kitchen to the bathroom to the desk and to the closet, leaving everything unfinished, and then my whole place is a mess. I then had to reset my brain and focus on one area at a time, making the task take longer. 

  2. The Joyful Question: Ask your inner Marie Kondo"Does this spark joy?" If not, it's time to bid farewell. Trust your instincts – if it doesn't make your heart sing, it's time for it to exit stage left.

  3. One In, One Out Rule: For every new item you bring into your space, say hello to the exit door for something else. It's the golden rule of maintaining that decluttered haven. Realistically, I don't buy items I already have at home. So you shouldn't have to do this unless you buy duplicates. 

  4. Digital Detox: Decluttering isn't just about physical items. Unsubscribe from those pesky email lists, organize your digital files and let go of apps that don't serve a purpose. Your phone will thank you.

  5. This includes unsubscribing to emails you don't care for. Just take the time to unsubscribe!

Challenges for the Bold Declutter Warrior:

  1. The 30-Day Minimalism Challenge: Each day, declutter one item. By the end of the month, you'll have bid farewell to 30 items. This shouldn't be a challenge you do every month, but 2x a year--one is okay, too. Participating in this challenge too much can cause you to waste items you bought even if you donate; sometimes, items don't always get donated and sometimes can turn to waste. 

  2. The Reverse Hanger Trick: Turn all your hangers backward. As you wear items, hang them the right way. After a few months, donate anything still hanging back – those pieces are just taking up valuable real estate. I love this trick; it is so helpful; when I moved from Virginia, I cleaned my whole closet and am currently using it. 

  3. Digital Declutter Weekend: Dedicate a weekend to sorting through your digital life. Delete duplicate photos(hate these), organize your files, and clear out those forgotten apps(hate those). Your devices will feel brand new, and you will have more storage to take more videos and pictures!

  4. It's going old-school since iCloud is literally a scam. Use USBs to store your pictures. You can organize them by year or month, or however you want to organize photos. 

What Challenge Will You Do?

  • 0%The 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

  • 0%The Reverse Hanger Trick

  • 0%Digital Declutter Weekend

Must-Have Items for the Declutter Diva:

  1. Wicker Storage Bins: Because who says storage can't be chic? Invest in bins that not only tidy up your space but are aesthetically pleasing. 

  2. Label Maker: Turn your organization into a work of art with a label maker. Categorize like a pro and never second-guess where things belong.

  3. Re-useable Donation Bags: Keep them handy. As you declutter, toss items destined for donation into these bags or boxes. It's a quick and efficient way to clear the clutter.

  4. Cable Organizers: Say goodbye to the tangled mess of cables. Keep them organized with cable organizers to maintain a sleek and clutter-free look.

  5. Wall Hooks: Maximize vertical space by using wall hooks. Hang bags, hats, or accessories to keep them easily accessible and off the floor.

  6. Shoe Rack: A dedicated space for your shoes keeps your entryway tidy and prevents that familiar morning rush of searching for the missing shoe.

  7. Clear Storage Containers: Clear storage containers are a game-changer for items you want to keep but don't use every day. You can easily see what's inside, and they add a neat aesthetic to your shelves.

Free your space and your mind! Declutter your space, and open your area for some room to think.


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