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Opinion: Keeping friends based on their loyalty to their partners.

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hey bestie!

This is my first opinion blog, something just on the fly rather than planned out. I was on the subway on my way home from the gym, On Instagram a video popped up on my TL. It was Leon Howard, also known as the Wallstreet Trapper, is a New Orleans native who has become a renowned wealth-building expert. He posted this video:

Lately the topic of infidelity has been discussed between business professionals specifically between those who identify as male.

You know, sometimes I wish certain conversations happened more often. One of those topics that needs to be talked about more between us ladies (and guys too) is choosing our friends based on how they behave in their intimate relationships. It's time we dive into this juicy subject and understand why it matters so much.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

Okay, so picture this: our mind and body are like two buddies, living one crazy life but experiencing it differently. We tend to think they're one and the same, but in reality, they're like two separate organisms doing their own thing. And you know what? The mind often gets silenced amidst all the noise. The mind has to constantly argue with how the body feels. The body is just a body and needs nourishment that is different than what the mind needs for nourishment. The body is never satisfied and doesn't know peace but the mind does. Because the body doesn't know peace, it brings chaos only to you and will push you to do things the body knows are not fulfilling. But the body wants you to do it anyway.

Hold on, I am going somewhere with this.

The Impact of Surrounding Ourselves with the Right People

The people we surround ourselves with can have a massive impact on our lives. And when it comes to our friends, we need to pay attention to how they act in their romantic relationships. It says a lot about their character, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Choosing friends who demonstrate healthy relationship behaviors can make a world of difference for our own well-being.

Learning from Positive Role Models

You know what's awesome about having friends who treat their partners right? They inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. We learn from their positive actions, like respect, effective communication, and equality in their relationships. It's like having a front-row seat to a masterclass in healthy love. We start noticing our own behavior and how we can improve to create more fulfilling connections.

The Importance of Loyalty and Trust

I recently said, "No one can come for me or come at my friend group; I am surrounded by God-fearing, intelligent, sisterly, GOT MOTION, lover girls, and wives!! They have encouraged me to heal emotionally from trauma blocking me from allowing myself to love and be loved by a man. Desiring to be softer and more vulnerable."

The Dangers of Being Associated with Cheaters

But let's not ignore the flip side. We also need to talk about those friends who cheat on their partners. Hanging out with friends who cheat isn't just morally questionable; it can have serious repercussions for their relationships and our own friendships.

Loyalty and trust are the foundations of any healthy relationship. When we choose to spend time with friends who cheat, we're indirectly condoning their behavior. It sends a message that we're okay with deceit and infidelity, and that's not cool, my friend.

Questioning Character and Strained Friendships

If our friends can't be loyal and maintain healthy relationships with people who are supposed to be important to them, what does that say about their character? It's a red flag that they might struggle with commitment, honesty, and empathy. And honestly, do we want to surround ourselves with people like that?

Being friends with cheaters can also put a strain on our own friendships. It's natural to feel conflicted when we witness our friends betraying their partners' trust. We might find ourselves questioning their loyalty, wondering if they would do the same to us. It can create an atmosphere of tension and unease, making it challenging to maintain genuine and authentic connections.

Setting Boundaries

I had to distance myself from a person who I thought was my friend a few years ago because of the behavior I witnessed by her in her relationship. She was emotionally and physically abusive, and I tried to be 100% with her, and she returned with "he does the same," as if that is okay. People's relationships are none of my business, but if you are in my circle and have access to my energy, it is my business to the point where I WILL SEPARATE MYSELF from you.

So, let's be clear: cheating is a big no-no. As friends, we need to hold each other accountable for our actions. We should encourage honesty, respect, and loyalty within our circle. Choosing friends who uphold these values will not only strengthen our own character but also create a supportive and trustworthy environment for everyone involved.

We deserve friends who uplift us, inspire us, and encourage us to be better. Surrounding ourselves with people who value loyalty and maintain healthy relationships is not just about them; it's about us too. We deserve friendships that are built on a foundation of trust and respect.

So, let's be selective about the company we keep. Let's distance ourselves from friends who cheat and focus on fostering relationships with individuals who exemplify loyalty, integrity, and the ability to maintain healthy connections.

Together, we can create a community that celebrates and supports healthy relationships. Trust me, it's a game-changer for our personal growth, happiness, and the world around us.

Love and loyalty,

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