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Holy Habits: How Sunday Rituals Can Transform Your Week

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hey besties!

Today, I want to talk about the importance of Sundays, not only for self-care and preparation but also for spiritual reflection and connection.

Deepening Your Relationship with God

As a Christian, I believe that Sundays are meant to be a day of rest and a time to deepen my relationship with God. I start my mornings with gospel music and a deep reading of the Bible, followed by prayer and reflection. During this time, I reflect on the past week, celebrate my successes, and learn from my mistakes. I also use this time to prepare for the upcoming week by asking God for guidance and support. I pray for strength and an open mind, and express gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

Recommended Bible Plans

Duration: 1 Year

Summary: By reading from four separate places in the Scriptures every day, you will get a better grasp of the unity of the Scriptures. And you can begin at any point of the year.

Personal Thoughts: I am currently on Day 57 of the Bible reading plan, and I must say I greatly enjoy it. Admittedly, it took me a while to establish a consistent and disciplined routine, but now it has become a natural part of my daily schedule to read a portion of the plan. Previously, I would only read from the Bible where I had left off and avoid following the plan altogether.

In my opinion, this Bible reading plan is ideal for those who are just starting their journey into reading the Bible as well as those who want to deepen their connection with the scripture.

Duration: 19 Days

Summary: The Bible is the most influential book in human history, but what is it exactly? This reading plan is designed to introduce you to the Bible and its unique design, various genres, and unified story.

Personal Thoughts: This bible plan is perfect for beginner scripture readers! The Bible as fruitful as it can be, can also be difficult to comprehend because of the such intricate stories involved. The stories all intertwine and without some guidance, it honestly can be hard to read through the Bible and digest the stories and lessons delivered.

Duration: 6 Days

Summary: Have you ever had a strong nudge to make a major transition but felt consumed by nervousness, concern, and uncertainty? If so, this devotional is for you. In this devotional, we will discuss 5 ways you can confidently take the leap of faith God is calling you into while still exercising total obedience to his will.

Personal Thoughts: I was invited to do this bible plan from my best friend. She invited a few of her girlfriends and myself to do the Bible plan together. Each day we were told a story about the journey of leap of faith and the different ways God calls us. Sometimes God calls us for certain roles, and some for temporary missions. This plan has brought the perspective of looking out for your calling, being aware of your surroundings and having faith in God.

The Connection Between Self-Care and Spirituality

To me, loving and caring for myself, as well as loving and caring for God, are intertwined. By taking care of myself and nurturing my relationship with God, I can show up as the best version of myself for the people around me. As the Bible says:

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind... Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:37-39)

Ultimately, I believe that Sundays are a day to honor our relationship with God and ourselves. By taking time for spiritual reflection and self-care, we can nourish our souls and prepare ourselves for the week ahead.

Preparing for the Week Ahead

Sundays are also an opportunity to reset for the week ahead. On Sundays, I make a conscious effort to limit my use of social media and minimize conversations. I prioritize self-care and preparation by doing things like applying a face mask, retouching my eyelash extensions, and giving myself a fresh manicure. I also plan out my meals for the upcoming week and create a grocery list for delivery using Instacart, so I don't have to worry about last-minute trips to the store. By filling out my agenda and scheduling my meetings and appointments for the week, I can approach the coming days with a sense of clarity and purpose. By time-blocking my schedule using my Outlook calendar, I can ensure that I make time for the things that matter most. To learn more about how I stay organized and productive, check out my previous post on getting organized, here.

Make Spiritual Reflection and Self-Care a Regular Part of Your Routine

So, my besties, I encourage you to take time on Sundays to connect with your spirituality in whatever way feels right to you. Whether that means attending church, praying, meditating, or simply taking a quiet moment to reflect, make it a regular part of your routine. You'll be amazed at how much it can benefit your overall well-being and bring you closer to the person you want to be.


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