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Fearless Faith & Boldness: Embracing Scary-Bold Transitions

Updated: Sep 14

Hey there, Bestie!

I have this deep feeling in my soul, that my purpose is still out there and my potential is not yet met. I feel it deep in my soul that I have more to give in life. I have more to create, I have more to learn, and more to teach. Life is full of transitions and challenges, but through it all, we can find strength in our faith in God. This is for you, I am motivating you to try new things, and to make scary BOLD decisions. I learned this from God and from a good friend to do everything scared, you can only fail, and when you fail you try again. Because with your village you are not alone.

My Journey

From Connecticut to Boston and Beyond Let me start by sharing a little bit about my own journey. I grew up in Connecticut, surrounded by a loving community and familiar surroundings. After graduating from college, I returned home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a time of uncertainty, and like many others, I used that period to save money and reflect on my next steps.

An opportunity came knocking – a job offer in Boston. The prospect of moving to a new city excited me. With my savings in hand, I signed a lease for an apartment and asked a friend to help me move. I remember being so excited, I wasn't afraid, I was ready!

Now, three years later, I find myself on the precipice of another transition. Moving to Washington D.C! But, I must confess that this leap feels even scarier than the one to Boston. Much scarier! I have money worries because this is a new move and a move I am doing alone. All of my roommates are going on their own paths and into their new homes, and mine is no longer in Boston. Boston is extremely expensive, and impossible for me to live alone.

I am super sad to leave my village that supported me while living in Boston. Growth often accompanies the most intimidating challenges, even though it can be difficult to accept. Nonetheless, I am determined to confront them head-on.

Embracing the Scary

As black and brown women, we face unique challenges in our lives. Yet, we must remember that our faith can be a powerful force in overcoming these obstacles. Rely on your faith, your village, and importantly yourself!

In the Bible, we find countless stories of individuals who faced their fears and stepped out in faith. Abraham left his homeland to journey to an unknown land, trusting in God's promises. Esther found the courage to approach the king, risking her life to save her people. Mary, the mother of Jesus, embraced the incredible task before her, trusting that God would provide.

Living in Delusion or Living in Faith?

There is a misconception that having faith is synonymous with living in delusion. But let me tell you, there is a world of difference between the two. Being delusional means denying reality and refusing to acknowledge the challenges before us. Living in faith means acknowledging the same fear, but instead choosing to trust in God's guidance and provision despite it.

Having faith doesn't mean we won't face difficulties or experience moments of doubt. It means we believe that God is with us every step of the way, providing strength and wisdom. As brown women, we can draw on this faith to navigate the uncharted territories of our lives.

Doing Things Scared

So, how do we gather the courage to step into the unknown, even when fear threatens to paralyze us? We do it scared! It's about acknowledging our fears, but not allowing them to dictate our actions. It's about taking that leap of faith, even when we can't see the entire staircase.

When I moved to Boston, I didn't have all the answers. Preparing to move to D.C, I still am looking for the answers. Yet, I realize that growth and fulfillment come from pushing beyond our comfort zones. It's through those scary transitions that we discover our strength, resilience, and potential.

Dear Black and Brown Women,

As we navigate the twists and turns of life, let's remember that faith can be our anchor in times of uncertainty. By doing things scared, we empower ourselves to grow and thrive. Embrace the challenges, lean on your faith, and trust that God has a beautiful plan for your life.

So, take that step, pursue your dreams, and never let fear hold you back. Remember, you are capable, you are resilient, and we love you. Let your faith guide you, and watch as you conquer your goals one courageous step at a time.

Go ahead, girlllll, and do everything scared! Your future awaits with open arms.

With love and faith,

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