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Balancing Mind, Body, and Soul: My Guide to Organized Living

Updated: Sep 14

Hey besties!

Bestie, let's be REAL! I see your potential. I see you chasing them dreams, not letting the mundanes of life get you down. BECAUSE YOU JUST THATTTT, watch your mouth.

However, how many ideas have you actually attempted? Have you accomplished all your goals or ever start those late night business ideas you came up with?

How is your fitness journey? Are you being consistent? If not, are you being too hard on yourself when you aren't seeing the results?

Or, how often do you have to order out, breaking your budget because you didn't meal prep?

Let me not drag you sis, because all of that^ was me.

Getting ourselves together, especially those of us that are super creative, ambitious, and basically an idea machine, is sometimes hard because we move so quickly and we just have so much we want to do.

Continue reading to learn my secrets for staying organized, focused, and productive - all while having a blast and staying true to your adventurous spirit!!!

That's why I've put together this system that works wonders for me.

Agenda Planning

Specifically using the Moleskine notebook planner.

As a busy individual, staying organized and on top of my responsibilities can be a challenge. However, I've found that having the right tools in place can make all the difference. One such tool is my Moleskine notebook planner. This is where I keep track of everything from my long-term goals to my daily to-do list, and even my grocery list. Having all of this information in one place helps me stay on track and motivated as I work towards my objectives.

One of the things I love about the Moleskine planner is the layout. On the left side of each spread is a designated area for weekly planning, with ample space for appointments and tasks. But what sets this planner apart for me is the right-hand page, which is simply an empty page with lines. This might not sound exciting, but it's a game-changer for me because I often feel limited by the limited space for notes in other agendas and planners. There's just so much that happens in a week, and I need plenty of room to jot down all of my ideas, thoughts, and observations.

I use the right-hand page of my Moleskine planner to take detailed notes on my meal prepping and planning. Writing out my recipes, grocery list, and nutritional goals helps me stay focused on my health and wellness, while also reducing food waste. I also like to plan out my goals for the week, so I can stay consistent and make progress towards my yearly goals. By having everything planned out, I can focus on executing my plans and making progress towards my long-term objectives.

Time-blocking Method

After I fill out my planner, I now move to time-blocking. It is necessary for me to now manually schedule ourThe time-block method is a powerful tool in my productivity arsenal and has made a significant impact on my daily life. Not only does it help me to prioritize and manage my time effectively, but it also helps me to reduce stress and increase focus. By breaking my day into blocks of time, I am able to allocate dedicated time for specific tasks, ensuring that I stay on track and meet all my deadlines.

One of the benefits of the time-block method is that it eliminates distractions and allows me to focus solely on the task at hand. This helps me to be more productive and achieve more in a shorter amount of time. It's like the Pomodoro technique on steroids, where instead of working in 25-minute intervals, you work in longer, designated blocks of time. The key is to eliminate all distractions and focus solely on the task at hand. This means putting away your phone, closing any irrelevant tabs on your computer, and eliminating any other distractions that may cause you to lose focus.

Another advantage of the time-block method is that it helps me to better manage my time and reduce stress. By having a clear plan for my day, I am able to tackle my tasks one by one, eliminating the pressure of trying to complete everything at once. This leads to increased motivation and a sense of accomplishment as I complete each task and move on to the next.

Becoming Book-

Beauty and Brains Organization

The "Beauty and Brains Becoming Book" planner is not just any ordinary planner, it's a comprehensive tool for holistic planning that combines both spiritual and emotional planning with practical daily tasks. This digital planner and workbook can be used on various devices like Woodnotes, Notability, Note Shelf, Xodo for iPad or Android tablet, and comes equipped with hyperlinks for an easy navigation experience. The planner is designed to help you take care of your mental and emotional well-being, which is just as important as your physical health. By focusing on this aspect of your life, you can stay motivated, focused, and energized to tackle your goals.

Each page of the "Beauty and Brains Becoming Book" planner is thoughtfully designed to meet your various needs. The planner contains journal prompts, affirmations, self-guided meditations, monthly goals, black-owned product recommendations, brand checklists to get your business going, Chicago events, and book recommendations. This planner has everything you need to bring beauty and balance to your life. The planner is inspired, owned, and designed by black women, making it a unique and empowering tool to help you walk your life with purpose and closer to your faith.

Incorporating the "Beauty and Brains Becoming Book" planner into your routine can help you create a more holistic and intentional life. Whether you're looking to get closer with God, understand yourself deeper, or begin your life walking with purpose, this planner has everything you need to get started. So, why wait? Invest in yourself today and start taking care of both your beauty and brains!"

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This method works wonders for me. I haven't been this consistent and organized in a long time. It's my personal approach to productivity.

However, it may not work for everyone. My goal in sharing my method is to inspire and help, but if it doesn't, it's important to understand that it's okay. Keep experimenting to find what works best for you. Whether it's the Moleskine notebook planner, time-blocking, or the Beauty and Brains Becoming book, or a combination of these methods like I do, try different approaches until you find what works for you.

I encourage you to give it a fair shot. Try one or more of these methods and see how it feels. Take your time, and once you've given it a good try, come back and share your experience, thoughts, and tips that you found to be effective. By doing this, you'll gain valuable insight into your own productivity style and what works best for you.


Hi bestie!
Thank you for reading!

Precious is a Boston-based minimalist who values simplicity in all aspects of her life, from her choices to her decor and spending habits. She is passionate about living purposefully and finds peace and serenity in simplifying her life. When she's not working on personal projects, she enjoys exploring new culinary delights, DIY projects, and spending time with her bearded dragon Franklin while tuning into true crime podcasts.

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