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5 Things to Do In Breckenridge, Colorado

Hey Bestie!

Oh my goodness, let me spill all the delightful details about my first work retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado with my amazing Dory Dimes team! So if you don't know, now you know I am a part-time associate bookkeeper for Dory Dimes, LLC.

Learn more about being a bad ass bookkeeper.

Kirsti, the boss, the CEO, the head honcho, being the absolute gem she is, planned every moment of our trip. We kicked off our adventure with a delicious lunch in Denver before heading to Breckenridge. We stayed at, The Grand Timber Lodge, our home away from home, welcomed us with open arms. Honestly the lodge was great, but the hot tubs were chefs kiss.

The Grand Timber Lodge:

Airbnb who? This lodge was so nice. We stayed in Three-Bedroom Residence. The unit was approximately 1,500 square feet, comprised of a living space, fully equipped kitchen where we cooked yummy tacos and breakfast because we are financially smart, private balcony, gas fireplace, jetted jacuzzi tub, in-unit washer and dryer, with 3 bathrooms!

The Grand Timber Lodge three-bedroom residence offers two master bedrooms with king beds, a third bedroom with a queen bed, three full bathrooms and two sleeper sofas for additional sleeping space.


-Indoor/outdoor hot tubs and heated all-season pools

-Fully equipped fitness center

-Private movie theater; equipped with state-of-the-art video technology and is operated by using a touch screen pad to select a movie. Over 150 movies are available for your enjoyment so you’ll find something for everyone with genres ranging from action and thriller to comedy and children’s classics

With plenty more of features.

The highlight of the trip? Hands down, our photoshoot with Gracie Wilson Photography. Picture this: a chic parking garage transformed into a photography haven. Gracie worked her magic, capturing not just our brand essence but our individual personalities too. It was a surreal experience, and the photos turned out stunning!

Gracie Wilson Photography:

Gracie Wilson is a Colorado + destination wedding and brand photographer. She is bold and brilliant and prefaces she is fully vaccinated, a supporter of reproductive rights, BIPOC inclusive, and LGBTQAI inclusive! WE LOVE A SUPPORTIVE GIRLIE!!

We got our photos in less than 48 hours, EDITED! Shorty, took and edited about 100+ photos, literal genius.

Check out the MASTERPIECES!

After a busy morning of being a MODEL, we went on to explore downtown Breckenridge.

The Gold Pan Saloon:

A piece of history since 1879, served us the most amazing food.

In 1859, the Colorado gold rush attracted thousands of seekers, leading to the establishment of Long’s Saloon in 1861. Initially a tented structure, it evolved into a permanent building in 1879. The Gold Pan Saloon has endured for 140 years, surviving gunfights and Prohibition. Today, it remains a hub for locals and tourists, offering camaraderie, ski stories, music, and great food and drinks. Recently, the saloon welcomed Carboy Winery, a unique Colorado winery serving select Carboy wines. Come experience a slice of Breckenridge history at the Gold Pan!

And let's not forget the hot tub sessions back at the lodge – there's something magical about soaking in warm water while surrounded by Colorado's breathtaking scenery.

Then came spa day.

Grand Colorado - Infinity Spa:

Oh, the luxury! Hot tubs, pools, saunas, and even ice plunges – I felt utterly pampered. Massages and facials were on the menu too, but I opted for some quality steam room time. It was a day of pure relaxation, something I definitely need more of in my life.

Milk Market:

Our retreat wrapped up with a visit to Denver's Milk Market. Food, desserts, treats, and Colorado gear – it was a foodie and shopping paradise! Colorado truly stole my heart with its unique stores, delicious cuisine, and those mountain views that take your breath away.

I returned home with a heart full of gratitude and a newfound love for the simplicity of life, even in the midst of luxury.

Colorado, you were a treat, and this trip will forever hold a special place in my heart.


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